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How to get an Agency Talent Portal account

You must request access to ATP. There are two ways you can request access:

  1. Email your agency administrator.

  2. Email the USAJOBS Help Desk at

Your agency administrator or the USAJOBS Help Desk will review your request and give you access depending on your agency’s policies. You will get an invite email with a link to access ATP. The link is valid for 24 hours.

How do I invite one of my co-workers to use ATP?

You can invite another user to ATP as long as they’re an HR specialist, or recruiter. Sometimes you can invite a Hiring Manager, but this depends on the agency.

You must ask your agency administrator to invite a new user. If the agency administrator approves, they will send the new user an email inviting them to join ATP.

If you don’t have an agency administrator or don’t know who it is, email for help.