Job announcement guidelines

We’ve created guidelines for each section of the job announcement including:

  • What’s required in each section.
  • What’s optional in each section.
  • Recommended language to use.
  • Do’s and don’ts.

Problems we're trying to solve


Job seekers struggle to understand if they're eligible for a job by looking at the job announcement. We've created a list of hiring paths that can be selected for each job. See the This job is open to section.

Use the job summary to explain the job

Another problem we've addressed is the lack of summary in a job announcement, so job seekers understand whether to read the entire announcement. We have provided a place for agencies to communicate their mission and provide a link to learn more about the agency. There are no fewer than three links to this information throughout the announcement. Using agency contact information section will free up the job summary to explain what the job seeker would be doing in that job.