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What is a campaign?

A campaign can help you collect, track, and organize job seekers and potential job candidates. Campaigns help you collaborate with your recruitment team by sharing lists of job seekers to review.

A campaign can be a group of job seekers that:

  • You want to contact about a position that’s opening soon.
  • You want to invite to a recruiting event.
  • Belong to a certain profession.
  • Are in a certain location.
  • You want your co-worker to contact.

You can search for potential job candidates and add them to an existing campaign, or create a new campaign.

Example of a campaign

If you have a position opening soon for a GS-9/11 Administrative Assistant, you can create a campaign called “GS-9/11 Administrative Assistant”, and add job seekers that you’re interested in to this campaign. You can share this campaign with other members of your team to review (as long as they have an ATP account), or use the campaign to invite job seekers to apply.