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What's new with ATP

Changes made February 17, 2023


  • Added a link to the JOA playbook on the signed-in landing page.


  • Updated the event card to make the event title a link to the live event details page on

Changes made February 3, 2023


  • Updated the footers for all system generated emails to be consistent.


  • Replaced the ellipsis icon in the heading with a Campaign actions button and drop down with links to the different actions a user can take within a campaign.


  • Updated the event creators’ email to include a link to contact the event creator.
  • Added functionality to automatically archive events in draft status beyond 30 days.
  • Changed title from Agency-branded Search to Branded Search.

Search resume

  • Updated the resume search filters to include preferred work schedules and appointment types.

Changes made November 29, 2021

Manage users

  • Added an alert that displays when a user tries to do a bulk action (taking the same action on multiple users – for example unlocking more than one user) without selecting anything.
  • Updated Manage users to continue showing the search bar when no search results are found. This will let a user continue their search from the same page.
  • Added an alert when a user unlocks a user’s account telling them an email has been sent.
  • Added an ellipsis at the end of long emails so they don’t overflow into the agency name within the candidate card.

Search resume

  • Updated the location Search to include two checkboxes: Current and Desired. The Current location search is based on a candidates’ current location. The Desired location search is based on a candidate’s desired work location.
    • The default will be Current location.
    • Users can select one or both search options. If a user unselects Current and doesn’t select anything, the system will search using the candidate’s current location.
    • This new feature will allow a user to search by a radius of 0 to 200 miles from the selected location.
  • Added a radius search with a default of 25 miles.
    • A user can move the slider to their desired radius.
    • The system will search by the zip code the candidate has in their USAJOBS profile.
    • If a user searches by a location that doesn’t match to a longitude and latitude, the radius slider option will not display, and the system will search for an exact match based on the location name.


  • Updated the date format to MM/DD/YY. This new format will display for the created date and the last updated date.

Changes made November 12, 2021

Sitewide enhancements

  • Added the new statuses to the excel spreadsheet.
  • Updated the existing agency dropdowns to include agency acronyms. The user must include ( ) around the acronym. Example: (OPM) not OPM.


  • Added an agency dropdown selector to the Host Organization field.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that was causing a candidate to show up twice in search results.
  • Fixed an issue so a user no longer gets an error message when they click Forgot password.

Changes made October 29, 2021

Sitewide enhancements

  • Updated the field validation for the email field. When a user enters a non-federal email they will see the following message: “You must include a valid government email address.”
  • Added a success alert to display when a new user invite has been sent.
  • Fixed multiple 508 compliance issues.

Changes made October 1, 2021

Manage users

  • Added filters so an agency administrator can search by user status: Active, Account locked, Invited, Invited-expired, Access removed.
    • The filters will work as an “Or” and will update search results as each filter is selected.
  • Added filters so an agency administrator can search by ATP role: Agency General User, Event Coordinator.
  • Added a Clear all filters button so a user can remove any filters they have selected.
  • Removed the status from the excel spreadsheet when a user exports to excel.
  • Added validation to make sure the email in a user’s profile is a valid government email. The validation will also check when a user updates their email.

Other updates

  • Updated the new user flow—revised the heading Change your password to Create your password.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue so users no longer see the wrong candidate information when they click on a name in their search results.

Changes made September 17, 2021

Sitewide enhancements

  • Created a field in the data base to track how the user signs in—this will help to have a more accurate status on the Manage users page. We will use the most recent sign in method to determine a user’s status.
    • Example: If a user signs in using their PIV/CAC they will not see “Account locked – password expired”. However, if they sign in again using their email and password, they will see any status that is related to this sign in method; password expired, no activity, 3+ failed sign in attempts.
  • Updated the design of Manage users.
    • Removed the active, inactive and pending tabs and now display all information about each user on the same page using a card style.
  • Added an Agency filter so a user can search other users by agency. If the user only has permissions for one agency that agency will be pre-filled for the user.
  • Added field validation on Edit profile for the first, middle, last name, agency and email fields.
  • Added user data in the right rail; status, invited date, last activity date and authentication method.
  • Added bulk actions so a user can select multiple users and perform the same function for all of them at once. For example: reinvite, unlock or remove access.

Changes made September 3, 2021


  • Updated the approved date to reflect most recent approval date. Example: If a user edits a previously approved event, the approval date will reflect the most recent date.

Search results

  • Added a Current agency filter to search results—a user can filter their results by the current agency listed in a candidates USAJOBS profile.
  • Updated the search feature so a user can add multiple agencies.
  • Added an agency tag to display when an agency is selected as a filter.
  • Updated how filters work—when more than one filter is selected, it will operate as an “or”.
  • Updated the Complete your account information page:
    • You can now edit the First and Last name fields.
    • Added field validation for character limits and when a field is required.
    • Made the Telephone field required.


  • Updated the Export to Excel feature to change the Given name field to First name.

Changes made July 23, 2021

Sitewide enhancements

  • Updated the date display to show the time zone of a user’s location. For example, if a user is in the Central time zone, the dates will display as Central time.
  • Made several content edits to use sentence case instead of title case:
    • Changed Invite New User to *Invite new user”* on the new user form.
    • Changed the Sign In to Sign in on the home page.
    • Changed Sign In to Sign in on the 3 ways to sign in page.
  • Removed all pending users from the Pending list for user’s who:
    • Have no ATP account associated with the email.
    • Have no first and last name in the profile.

Changes made June 25, 2021

Sitewide enhancements

  • Changed “Federal Government” to “federal government” in the tagline on the home page to comply with the Office of Communications guidelines.
  • Removed ATP access to IE users and created an error page specifically for IE users, telling them to switch to Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari to use ATP.


  • Changed “Rename Campaign” to Rename campaign to use sentence case per content style guide.
  • Updated the logic in the Last updated date feature so the date is updated when a job seeker adds a new searchable resume in both the candidate card and the candidate profile.
  • Changed the link label “Delete list” to Remove list.
  • Added an Unavailable tag to candidate cards—this will display when a candidate’s resume has expired.
  • Disabled the candidate name when the Unavailable tag is presented—users will see the candidate name but will not be able to click on it for more details.
  • Added a tooltip to the Unavailable tag that reads “Resume and profile no longer searchable.”
  • Added the validation text “You must include a valid email.” to the email field when adding team members to a campaign.
  • Moved the menu in the candidate card so it does not cover adjacent candidate details.
  • Adjusted the spacing in the header within an active and archived campaign page.


  • Updated the text on the ‘no events’ page that displays when a user has no events to explain what events are and what happens when you create and post an event.


Sign in page

  • Added a Show password toggle to the password field—this lets users display their password when they type it in during authentication.
  • Updated all instances of Sign in to use sentence case.
  • Revised the last sentence to include “email” to read “contact your agency administrator or email

Register PIV page

  • Added the “show password” toggle
  • Added “Enter your Agency Talent Portal password” to make it clear which password the user should use to register their PIV.

Change and create password page

  • Added the Show password toggle.

Manage users

  • Changed the “Role” field to “ATP role”—this will help prepare for future “Career site role” field.
  • Changed the Edit Profile button to use sentence case so it reads Edit profile.
  • Removed the requirement to provide a phone number in a user’s profile.
  • Added field validation to the first and last name fields to make sure both fields are provided.
  • Added field validation to the Invite new user form for maximum character limit and missing required information.

Changes made June 11, 2021


  • Added a tooltip to the new Team members tab. When you click the Team members tab or the Got it button in the tooltip, the tooltip will disappear.
  • Top aligned the content in the candidate card to make it more visually appealing.
  • Added subtext and a character counter to the Add to campaign modal within the candidate profile.
  • Updated the content in the Add to campaign modal to read “Create or select a campaign to add this resume to. Campaigns are groups of candidates you’re interested in or resumes you want to review later.”
  • Added validation text to the Campaign title field within the Add to campaign modal—the campaign title must be between 2 - 100 characters.

Archived campaigns

  • Updated the title on the Messaging tab to say, “Activate this campaign to message candidates.”
  • Updated the button label to Activate campaign—on click the campaign will become active and you will go to the Active campaign listing.

Export file

  • Changed the field from “Role” to “ATP role” and added three new roles:

    • Is Recruiter
    • Is HR Specialist
    • Is Hiring Manger.

If the user has selected any of these reasons, the field will show True, otherwise the field will show False.

Changes made May 28, 2021


  • Removed the (+) to add team members to a campaign and added the Team Member tab. Within this tab, the user can see all team members who are part of a campaign and add new team members.
  • Added a character count to the Campaign title field.
  • Added validation messages for minimum and maximum required characters to the Campaign title field.
  • Updated the Desired location display to:
    • Only show city and state. For example, “Arlington, Virginia” instead of “Arlington, Virginia, United States”.
    • Only show the state when a user selects all of the cities in a state. For example, “Indiana”, instead of “All Indiana”.
    • Only show United States when a user selects every state within the United States. For example, “United States” instead of “All United States”.
    • Show All for a country when a user selects a country outside of the United States. For example, “All Germany” instead of “All, All, Germany”.
  • Updated the display of the candidate card to wrap long candidate names.
  • Updated the following modals to meet USDWS standards:
    • When a user clicks Delete list in an active campaign.
    • When a user clicks Remove access within a user’s page in the Manage users section.
  • Updated the user flow for Add to campaign—the user will be sent to the candidate’s profile page on the candidate tab.
  • Removed the Back to campaign link when a user is in a candidate’s profile.
  • Locked the tabs in Active and Inactive campaigns when a user has multiple lists that require a horizontal scroll bar. This keeps the tabs visible throughout the user experience.


  • Updated field validation in the Associated job announcement(s) field to check for a valid JOA control number.
  • Updated field validation for the Event name to check it is between 10 and 70 characters.

Search resumes

  • Added yellow highlights to keywords in a PDF version of a resume.
  • Sectioned resumes into 3 equal parts and weighted those parts for a more accurate search result.

My Account and authentication

  • Added a new optional field I want to use ATP because I’m a with the following responses: Recruiter, HR Specialist, Hiring Manger. This will help us better understand our users and will help us make improvements to the site. This will also appear on the revised Complete your account information page.
  • Renamed the Required details page to Complete your account information.
  • Removed the subtext “Please provide the following information in order to access your Agency Talent Portal account”.

Changes made May 14, 2021


  • Increased font size to 16px for the Event description.
  • Revised the validation text to be consistent and clear on the Event description and Event logistics page.
  • Added text wrapping, so long descriptions and overflow text do not display beyond the given space.
  • Updated the look and feel of the event modals to meet USDWS standards.


  • Updated the agency table and implemented new access restrictions for agencies.
    • Department Administrators will now see all agencies under the department. Example: DoD will now see all children and grandchildren relationships (AF- 11th wing). Air Force will now see all elements under them.
  • Updated the look and feel of the candidate profile page within search and campaigns:
    • Removed search boxes.
    • Moved candidate name, location and last updated information to the top of the page—this makes it easier for the HR user to see candidate information as they navigate to different tabs.
  • Updated the minimum and maximum character field validation for renaming a campaign.
  • Added text wrapping for long campaign names.
  • Added validation text in the Add job announcement modal.
  • Updated the display to only show 10,000 search results. Anything over 10,000 results will display as 10,000+ (1 of 10,000+ results).
  • Fixed multiple 508 issues.

Changes made April 30, 2021

Sitewide enhancements

  • Added a Join the ATP Listserv call-out and link on the home page.
  • Updated the candidate profile within search to use a tab design and layout—this now matches what the user sees on a candidate profile within a campaign.
  • Updated the Job announcement modal and Remove campaign modal to use the U.S. Web Design Web System standards.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug prohibiting the We no longer support Internet Explorer banner from displaying. The banner now displays when a user is using Internet Explorer to access ATP.

Changes made April 19, 2021

Candidate profile and Campaigns

  • Added tabs to the candidate profile: Candidate and Campaigns. The Candidate tab displays information about the candidate, including a resume. The Campaign tab includes a list of campaigns the candidate has been added to.
  • Updated the navigation and UI within the candidate profile.
  • Added an Activate button to Archived campaigns, so a user can reactivate a campaign.
  • Updated the ability to rename a campaign using the new USDWS modal design.
  • Moved the Export to excel feature to the Campaign menu.
  • Updated the link label View to Download for resumes in Word. Changing the label makes it clear the user has to download the document before they can view it.

Other changes

  • Removed old ATP feature toggles (this is a change on the back end).
  • Updated the Terms and Conditions in both the right rail and the footer to comply with POAM.
  • Updated multiple modals to the new USDWS modal design.
  • Changed the display of the Last updated date and time to reflect the user local time zone.
  • Made changes to support future release of a messaging feature.

Changes made March 9, 2021

Search enhancements

  • Updated the Series filter to include parent and child series.
  • Added the ability to add multiple Series for a search.
  • Separated U.S. Citizen from the Hiring Path filter and made its own filter.

Other enhancements

  • Updated the look and feel for Location name.
  • Updated the look and feel for Preferences.
  • Removed the Resume User role.
  • Upgraded old General Users to a new General User role.

Changes made February 19, 2021

Campaign enhancements

  • Added a drop-down menu in the individual candidate card to allow the user to move the candidate to another list when they are not able to use “drag and drop” functionality.
  • Updated the look and feel of both active and archived campaign boards.
  • Updated the look and feel of the List menu – replaced Remove list with Delete list.

Other enhancements

  • Added a filter in Search for education level.
  • Updated the look and feel of the Event creation process.

Changes made February 5, 2021

Campaign enhancements

  • Redesigned the Add list feature to make it clear how to add a list to a campaign.
  • Added a pop-over menu to a campaign so users can add a job announcement to their campaign.
  • Added the ability to archive a campaign.
  • Created a List tab within a campaign and moved all lists under this tab.

Search enhancements

  • Highlighted the search terms in a resume builder resume.
  • Added ability to search on state abbreviations (i.e. TX for Texas) when a user does not use the auto suggest (i.e. typed full state or copy and pasted)
  • Removed continents from the search suggestion list.
  • Updated the instructions presented to the user when there are no search results.

Other enhancements

  • Added My Account to the drop down under the users name that will allow users to change their name and phone number.
  • Updated the “hint text” in Events so it is more clear which field being used and updated the content clarify how to format URLs.
  • Updated the modal styles for consistency.

Changes made January 22, 2021

Search enhancements

  • Added the ability to filter by Grade (GS Scale only).
  • Added the ability to filter by Last Updated (when a candidate edited/created/applied, etc) date.
  • Updated text for Clear All filters.
  • Removed the Resume uploaded date from the profile detail.
  • Implemented stop words to refine the Search results.
  • Added synonyms for state and territory abbreviations in Search.
  • Moved the job title on Builder resumes.
  • Updated the search tips on the Search landing page.
  • Indexed additional fields in the Profile.

Updates to Events

  • Added fields for online location options and event types to the Events logistics page.

Updates to Manage Users

  • Added ability to export agency users to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Added ability for HelpDesk Users to edit profile fields.
  • Added cancel button to manage user tasks.
  • Updated the username sign in text to email.

Changes to the user experience and user interface

  • Updated the way Events display.
  • Replaced job seeker with candidate.
  • Updated required and optional instructions for form fields.
  • Updated the padding around the mass save banner
  • Updated the wording on the Search results page.
  • Updated the Forgot password label for email sign in.
  • Updated the session expiration message.
  • Updated the Series tag.
  • Shortened the Location field on the card that displays for a candidate.
  • Moved all hiring path icons to one line in cards.

Changes made January 8, 2021

Site-wide enhancements

  • Upgraded Elasticsearch to 7.10.X.
  • Added new search filters including:
    • Travel and relocation
    • Series
    • Work schedule
  • Improved the Campaign experience.
  • Made several user interface and user experience updates.

Changes made December 11, 2020

Site-wide enhancements

  • Updated the Add to Campaign experience.
  • Added the ability to save several candidates at one time to a campaign.
  • Updated the search results Sort by to default to Sort by relevance.
  • Updated the user interface and experience across the site.
  • Updated the Profile details page.
  • Fixed several bugs.

Changes made November 16, 2020

Site-wide enhancements

  • Updated the entire site to meet the USWDS 2.0 Web Design standards.
  • Fixed several bugs.

Changes made September 18, 2020

Site-wide enhancements

  • Added ability for system administrators to update a user’s name, email and agency.
  • Fixed several bugs.
  • Added a new category Information Session to the Event Type field.
  • Updated the landing page.
  • Updated the Help Center icon to link to the ATP Help Center.

Changes made September 4, 2020

Site-wide enhancements

  • Updated the landing page.
  • Displayed Role Permissions drive content.
  • Created event coordinator invite user email template.
  • Updated the URL for the help center icon on the landing page.
  • Updated the How to create ATP profile text.

Changes made August 21, 2020

Site-wide enhancements

  • Updated the Events calendar.
  • Updated the Event description contact information field.
  • Created a view to display all Expired Events list on the Events page.
  • Created an Event Coordinator role.
  • Moved the Search Resume filter to the right side of the page.
  • Added a new filter option for Status.
  • Enhanced the Certificate registration flow.
  • Updated authentication methods.

    • Decoupled ATP from Seeker Portal.
    • Enhanced PIV authentication.
    • Enhanced UN/PW authentication.
    • Enabled SSO for USA Staffing users.

Changes made August 7, 2020

Site-wide enhancements

  • Removed all ATP references from USAJOBS and Open Opportunities, because ATP will have its own authentication process (coming soon!).
  • Enhanced Campaigns to require all campaigns to have at least 1 member assigned to it.