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How to add a participant to an opportunity

If you’re a sitewide or community administrator, you can add a participant to a one-time or recurring opportunity. You can add a participant as long as the opportunity is open, not open, or in progress. You can’t add a participant to a detail or lateral, because those opportunities require a resume and statement of interest to apply.

To add a participant:

  1. Sign into Open Opportunities.
  2. Click Administration—you’ll go to your dashboard.
  3. Click the Sitewide, Agency or Community tab. Depending on your role, you’ll only see tab options that you’re an administrator for. If you are a community manager, you will only see the Community tab.
  4. Click Manage Opportunties in the sub-navigation.
  5. Select the Open, Not open, or In progress status.
  6. Find the one-time or recurring opportunity you want to add a participant.
  7. Click the Add participant icon.
  8. Type the person’s name until you see it in the list—they must have an Open Opportunities account.
  9. Select the person’s name and click Add applicant.