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How to create and post an event

Before you create an event, make sure you get approval for the event from your agencies HR department. The USAJOBS Program Office must also approve the event before it is published.

What do I need to include in an event?

Your event must include the following information:

  • Time (including time zone)
  • Location (if in person)
  • Meeting link (if virtual)

    • The meeting link must go to an event registration page or a virtual meeting invitation. You can link to Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, etc.
    • Do not use the meeting link to go to your USAJOBS job announcement.
  • Event description

    • Describe what the participants can expect during the event and how participants can prepare for the event (e.g., documents to bring, time allotted for event activities, etc.).

How do I create an event?

  1. Sign into ATP.
  2. Click Events in the top navigation or on the landing page.
  3. Click Create an event.
  4. Enter the event name.
  5. Enter a description—be concise but offer enough detail so a job seeker knows who and what the event is for. See more tips for describing an event.
  6. Click Save & continue.
  7. Enter the Posting start date—this is the date you want the event to appear on USAJOBS. For example, if your event will be on December 1, you may want to post the event a week earlier on November 24.
  8. Enter the Event start date—this is the date of the event.
  9. Enter the Event end date—this is the last day of the event. If your event is only one day, enter the same date as the start date. The end date is also the last date the event will be posted on USAJOBS.
  10. Select the Type of event.
  11. Enter the Event location—the location may be different than the location of the host organization.
  12. Enter the name of the Host organization. The host organization must be a federal agency.
  13. Enter the Host organization URL—this is optional. Including a link to the organization’s website will help potential participants make an informed decision about whether or not they want to attend the event.
  14. Enter the Event URL and select if the URL will link to a page with more information about the event or to a page where you can register for the event.
  15. Click Save & continue and include a Series or select Hiring paths if you want to target your event to a specific audience.
  16. Click Save & continue to preview your event—check for spelling and make sure any links work.
  17. Click Submit—a USAJOBS administrator will review your event.

Can I edit my event after it has already been approved?

Yes. You can edit your event as long as it hasn’t been published to the USAJOBS website. If you edit a published event, you will have to submit it again for approval.