Fair and Transparent

This section gathers a number of legal and regulatory guidelines, policies, and statements that applicants should be aware of as they apply.

This section will:

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The following policies will appear:

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

States the EEO policy.


Yes. However, this section will always automatically appear.

Reasonable Accommodation Policy

Tells the job seeker that they are entitled to reasonable accommodation both during the application process and once employed.


Yes. However, this section will always automatically appear.

Provides links to our Help Center where the job seeker can read about the following:


  • Clarify if your agency differs from any of these policies or guidance in the .

Do Not

  • Do not repeat this information in any other section.
  • Do not include text found in these pages in your job announcement - it should only appear once and only in the Fair and Transparent section.

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