How you will be evaluated

This section tells the applicant how staffing specialists and managers will use their application to determine eligibility, qualifications and quality ranking for this position.

Current fields

This section may contain the following:

You will set the expectation of how you’ll evaluate an applicant against their responses to the job questionnaire and the information in their resume.

This section will:

  • Include a lead-in sentence: “You will be evaluated for this job based on how well you meet the qualifications above.”

Required by USAJOBS


Required by Policy


You must include the following:

  • Basis for rating
  • Type of rating
  • Interview type

Basis for rating

The basis for rating is where you will describe how you will evaluate an applicant.

The method of rating may include one or more of the following:

  • Resume
  • Answers to the online job questionnaire
  • Work samples (writing samples, project related samples, design work etc.)
  • An assessment (a written test, project related assessment, etc.)—sometimes this is called a work simulation.
  • Interview

Details on rating procedures can be found in the DEO Handbook.


  • Always include the suggested text as the lead-in sentence.
  • Include each type of evaluation criteria you’re using—be specific.
  • Explain any additional documents the applicant needs to provide.
  • Explain any assessment the applicant will need to complete.
  • Include whether they’ll need to complete an in-person interview.

Do Not

  • Include additional qualifications. List all in the Qualifications section.
  • Duplicate this information in How to apply.
  • Describe any information that belongs elsewhere in the job announcement or linked outside of the announcement.

Type of assessment

This describes additional assessments the applicant will need to participate in or complete. Describe what the assessment is, at what point in the process the applicant will need to submit this information and how to request reasonable accommodations.

This may include:

  • Work-related assessment—give the applicant a sample job task or scenario and ask them how they would complete it.
  • Written assessment—the applicant provides a writing sample.
  • Other assessment methods.

Use this text as the first sentence in this section.

You will be evaluated for this job based on:

  • The experience listed in your resume and whether your experience and skills match what we’re looking for.
  • A work-related assessment—we’ll give you a sample job task that you need to complete.
  • An in-person interview.

Type of rating

Each agency defines what the categories of rating are for their applicants. You are required to tell the applicant what the categories are and how you define them. For merit promotion and other types of hiring, explain the type of rating used.

Suggested text for category rating
  • Best Qualified: An applicant who demonstrates a superior level of all evaluation criteria.
  • Well-Qualified: An applicant who demonstrates a satisfactory level of the evaluation criteria.
  • Minimally Qualified: An applicant who demonstrates the basic qualifications, with general knowledge, skills and abilities.


  • Include the type of rating and a description for each rating.

Do Not

  • Repeat or include additional qualifications—this section is only to describe rating categories.

Interview type

This explains if or when you will interview an applicant and describes the type of interview. This section should also indicate whether the interview is pass/fail or scored.

Types of interview:

  • Structured interview (panel or one-on-one)
    • Indicate if the interview is by phone or in-person.
  • Job fit interview
    • Indicate if the interview is by phone or in-person.

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