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Is there an additional cost to create a branded search page?

Branded search pages are included in your agency’s USAJOBS usage fee, so there is no additional charge to create one. Your agency will need a CPDF code to create a branded search page.

What is a CPDF code?

This is a code that organizes jobs on and makes sure they show up under the correct department, agency, or sub agency. The codes are added when a job announcement is created.

What if my agency doesn’t have a unique CPDF code?

If your agency doesn’t have a unique CPDF code, you can still create an agency-branded search page that will display the jobs from your office using custom mission-critical occupation (MCO) tags. Work with your Talent Acquisition System (TAS) partner to create this tag.

Once your TAS creates the tag, you will add the tag to your job announcements. When you create your agency-branded search page, you can add a filter for this specific tag. Only jobs with that custom MCO tag will appear on the agency-branded search page.