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How to create and select mission critical occupation tags

We use mission-critical occupation (MCO) tags to filter jobs for USAJOBS agency-branded search pages and government-wide job search portals.

MCO tags for agency-branded search pages

If your agency does not have a unique CPDF code to create a branded search page, you can ask your agency’s Talent Acquisition System (TAS) to create an MCO tag. Once the tag is created, agency staffing specialists can add it to job postings they would like to appear on the branded search page.

When you create a branded search page, add the custom MCO tag to the Custom MCO tag filter section. The branded search page will automatically display jobs with that unique MCO tag.

MCO tags for government-wide job search portals

USAJOBS creates portals to support government-wide hiring initiatives, such as Tech To Gov, National Security, and Artificial Intelligence. These portals use custom MCO tags that have been created in the TAS to filter jobs across the government that support their hiring initiative. If you want your jobs to appear on one of these government-wide portals, you can add their custom MCO tag to your job postings.

View a list of government-wide job search portals and their MCO tags.

How to add MCO tags to your Talent Acquisition System (TAS)

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